Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Body Lotion and pansy ease pores and skin susceptible to irritability. The organic and natural coconut oil and natural and organic sesame oil offer rigorous attention moisturising. Encounter Cream is really a comforting deal with product thats made using carefully determined 100 % natural ingredients to offer dampness and alleviate scratching.

Weleda Derma White Mallow Body Lotion

Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Body Lotion

Weleda Baby Derma
White Mallow Body Lotion

Weleda Baby Tummy Oil

Weleda Baby Tummy Oil

The Protection of Good Hygiene

Almost every year flu season seems to bring with it extraordinary anxiety and fear, especially among parents of young children. Through all the fog of media hysteria and worry, let’s not lose our bearing and make rash decisions to use medications that can cause more harm than good.
The important news is that most Americans can and should take steps to reduce the likelihood of getting an infectious disease like the flu.

Weleda Baby White Mallow Face Cream, Protection of Good Hygiene

Weleda Baby White Mallow Face Cream

Attitude Eco Baby Wipes, Protection of Good Hygiene

Attitude Eco Baby Wipes

Viruses are primarily spread via hand to face contact. They can also be spread when a sick person coughs or sneezes, aerosolizing the virus so others inhale it. A person can be contagious the day before he or she develops symptoms and for seven to ten days after symptoms first develop.

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Weleda Baby Calendula

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Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath

Keep preschool-age children at home. Childcare settings with large numbers of other children with runny noses are fertile ground for viruses, so don’t use out-of-home childcare unless you have to. The last place you want to be with a sick child is an emergency room or a doctor’s office, because these places will certainly increase your chances of getting an infectious disease.

If you do get the flu, stay home. Sip water all day, as opposed to guzzling a lot all at once. Eat as little as possible; if you’re hungry, stick to light food, mostly juicy fruits and salads. Once you are ill, it is important not to overwork your body by making it digest heavy meals. Anorexia of infection (loss of appetite) is one way the body has of activating a more powerful immune respons.

His words still ring true, and we physicians need to teach our patients how to avoid them. People do not build health via the ingestion of medicinal substances. Even natural, herbal products that have pharmacologic effects work because of their toxic properties, not their nutritive content. When you chose to live healthy, you limit your exposure to all treatments and remedies that could further compromise your long-term health.

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