Parfocal Cine Lens Pictor DZOFILM, PL, EF Mount. 20 to 55mm activate far more expressiveness. The grade of expert class film lens DZOFILM is devoted to ongoing research in motion picture consistency and stylish optics, no matter the technical or optical structure in the lens, it remains to be compact and reliable (1600g), to be able to allow you to far more immersed in every body captured by the fantasy painter throughout the silky and okay handle Quick structure.

Parfocal DZOFILM Cine Lens Pictor, PL, EF Mount, 50-125mm, 20-55mm, T2.8

Teeth Pitch of Standard unit M0.8 270 Diploma focusing cerebrovascular accident All aluminum composition is lightweight and sound Parfocal style Steady in reliable focus between far and near Be it from a close-up to and including wide-angle scene, or even a broad-position fast alteration to a medium sized-size close-up Parfocal parfocal design and style, an excellent focus that never drifts lets you enjoy limitless creativity.

DZOFILM Pictor 20-55mm T2.8 Super35 Parfocal Cine Lens, PL EF Mount, Black
DZOFILM Pictor 20-55mm T2.8
Super35 Parfocal Cine Lens
DZOFILM Pictor 50-125mm T2.8 Super35 Cine , PL EF Mount, Black, supplying various bayonet move choices with positive support
DZOFILM Pictor 50-125mm T2.8
Super35 Parfocal Cine

Breathing Unnoticeable Once the concentrate is modified, because of the hovering mirror group composition from the aspiration painter, the respiration result of the lens is minimum, creating the appearance and feel immersed inside the picture by itself. Successful incorporation in one fingers.

The 20-55mm gold focal length is effectively integrated into the fantasy painter. The extra weight of approx 1600g is reliable, lightweight and fearless of complicated and varied shooting scenes. It covers typical key lengths. The aspiration painter can quickly reply to a variety of displays. Demand, minimize the tediousness of regular zoom lens modifications, and never let down the fleeting time of ideas.

100 % pure and vibrant movie structure whether documentary film, the heroes or maybe the narrative mental near-up, coloured desires section as well convey the fragile specifics of the principle screen, Paul stay more nimble feel and sculpt of the video. About three-dimensional and attractive towards the eyes Out-of-concentration move Devoted and organic colour renovation pores and skin-warm and friendly.

The 16 blade T2.8 makes a smooth location under the aperture the natural and sleek out of emphasis transition communicates the ambient environment and highlights the primary entire body of your picture.

Constant design for better performance Consistently standard placement of emphasis, zoom, and aperture ring, can handle simultaneous setting up multi-funnel and focus motors, and boosts shooting effectiveness in all directions. Be it coloration fashion or mechanized handle, a very constant layout principle, apply the aspiration painter sequence. Switch on a lot more alternatives exchangeable bayonet adapter process PL, E, EF, LPL, a variety of fuselages, supplying various bayonet move choices with positive support to switch on much more capturing functions

100 % pure and vibrant movie structure, excellent focus, bayonet adapter

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