Leica Mount Zero-D Cine Lens by Venus. This exciting prime lens offers extremely broad-direction coverage approximately 113 Diploma perspective of look at (100 Education on MFT method). The tiny dimension very light go with perfectly with mirrorless digital cameras and are suitable for use with gimbals. The new Cine edition incorporates regular .8 mod equipment on equally aperture and focus wedding rings. A typical 55mm filtration line was created to mount screw-in filtration system easily. 2 aspherical components plus 3 more-low dispersion factors successfully correct chromatic aberration, understand close-to-zero distortion provide excellent spot to corner sharpness.

Leica L Mount Zero-D Cine Lens, Venus Laowa, near to zero distortion

Laowa 9mm T2.9 Zero-D The newest Laowa 9mm includes approximately Awesome 35 indicator dimension. Despite supplying a 113 Level distortion-cost-free area of perspective, we now have managed to compress the size towards the minimum of their course. The lightweight dimension and light-weight allow it to be extremely accommodating for various options. A T2.9 huge aperture is also extremely useful for filmmakers to take under very low light-weight circumstance and handling depth of field. Covering Both Very 35 Small Four Thirds Indicator The newest Laowa 9mm Cine lens is effective with Very 35, APS-C and Mini Four Thirds camcorders and acheive a field of view of 120 Education (Super 35 detector), 113 Diploma (APS-C) and 100 Diploma (MFT). Skilled Cinema Real estate. The lens optimized the design for movie and video generation. Massively enhance effectiveness and get a softer work-flow.

Venus Laowa 9mm T2.9 near to zero distortion Cine Lens for Leica L Mount, Perfect for in vehicle photographs, handheld, on Gimbel and other unique settings
Venus Laowa 9mm T2.9
Zero-D Cine Lens for Leica Mount

Small Light-weight With only 247g in body weight, the lens can be easily match any set up. Perfect for in-vehicle photographs, handheld, on Gimbel and other unique settings. Close-to-Zero Distortion Along with the extra-wide-perspective discipline of look at, it also delivers extraordinary appearance high quality with all the greatest distortion manage in the type. This near to zero distortion (Zero-D) design is very beneficial when taking pictures structural, aerial and indoors footages.

T2.9 Quick Aperture Extremely Quick Paying attention Range Which includes a couple of aspherical factors and three added-very low dispersion aspects, the 13 elements in 9 organizations optical design successfully controls each spherical and chromatic aberrations towards the minimum. Dazzling T2.9 optimum aperture is well-designed for job under lower-gentle condition. Concentrating as near as 4.7 (12cm), it enables filmmakers to write with increased overall flexibility and management superficial degree of field with larger viewpoint. Inconvenience-Free Transporation Every one of our Laowa Cine Contact lenses has a authentic Pelican scenario for headache-cost-free transporation.

Venus Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero D Cine Lens for Leica L Mount, Black, Huge Formatting Super 35 Cameras
Venus Laowa 12mm T2.9
Zero-D Cine Lens for Leica Mount

The new 12mm lens is now the broadest t/2.9 lens that could deal with sensing unit as much as each whole framework vista eyesight size (broader than complete body), rendering it one of many ideal vast angle choice for equally skilled cinema camcorders and mirrorless digital cameras. Ideal for The two Huge Formatting Super 35 Cameras. The photo group enables cinematographers to make use of not merely on full structure detectors (Dimension = 43.14mm), but also able to load the Vista Sight devices on Reddish colored Monstro as well as the sensing unit on Arri Alexa LF (Sizing @ available-door = 44.7mm) fully.

The lens can also be well suited for Super35-measured video camera owners together with the extremely-broad 17mm counterpart field of see and its long term-evidence selection when cinematographers must up grade to big file format video cameras. Awesome Compact Lightweight This 12mm lens is incredibly compact and lightweight in spite of the severe specs. It measures 3.4 (87mm) long and weighs in at lower than 1.5 lb (675g). It can be quickly fitted onto any types of stabilizations system such as portable gimbals.

Shut-to-Zero Distortion The visual distortion of ultra-large direction lens should never be a nightmare for DoP. The distortion price of great vast angle lenses available in the market can vary from 2-4%. Venus Optics, even so, are able to compress the distortion into a near-to-zero level. Actually, the ‘Zero-D’ state had been validated by a lot of present Laowa lenses owners from all around the world. Really Close Centering Length The lens able to focus with an incredibly near paying attention extended distance. It could focus any where from 7 from sensor (<4 from top component) up to infinity. No diopter will likely be essential in cases like this. Broad position lens usually create a ‘flat’ impression with very strong DOF though with this close focusing capability and a speedy t-end, Laowa 12mm is able to generate some exclusive vast superficial DOF appear with satisfying bokeh.

Robust and Expert Cinema Real estate Made with normal .8 mod gears on each aperture and centering wedding rings for easy installing of stick to-concentrate process. A long 270 Level smooth concentration throw is for accruate emphasis yanking. The complete enclosure of the lens is comprised of lightweight aluminum alloy. A 114mm stage-ring is contained in the bundle to grow the top diameter to put with sector scaled flat container. Venus Optics have examined with a number of matte cases in the market and it is still without any vignetting on VV detector with all the matte container installed. The complimentary watertight and crushproof Pelican hard case protects the the camera lenses from problems during vacation.

Venus Laowa 15mm T2.1 Zero-D video, movie Lens for Nikon Z
Venus Laowa 15mm T2.1
Zero-D Cine Lens for Nikon Z

This exciting prime lens offers extra vast-direction coverage approximately 110 Degree on Whole Body camera process. It is typically the broadest T2.1 lens in the market covering huge formatting sensor. The tiny size light weight makes it the perfect associate with gimbals and work-and-gun taking pictures.

The latest Cine variation includes regular .8 mod gears on both aperture and concentrate bands. A typical 77mm filtration system line was created to mount attach-in filter systems quickly. The lens also comes with a fantastic visual distortion control with all of straight outlines retained. Laowa 15mm T2.1 Zero-D The new Laowa 15mm T2.1 Zero-D Cine lens is amongst the widest and smartest lens ever intended for complete structure / vista sight sensors. Providing a distortion-free 110 Level Direction of see, it is perfect for design and cityscape photographs.

The larger T/2.1 aperture also will make it very helpful to capture in very low light-weight situation. The small dimension light makes it a great partner with gimbals and work-and-weapon shooting. Handles Big File format (Complete Body) Indicator The 15mm operates perfectly with cinema video cameras with huge file format (whole body) sensors. Also, it is typically the biggest t/2.1 lens available in the market covering up large structure detectors.

T2.1 Quick Aperture Focus as Close as 6 The lens contains some aspherical aspects and three additional-very low dispersion components to hold back equally spherical and chromatic aberrations. Bright T2.1 greatest aperture is well-best for difficult lighting effects conditions. Centering as near as 6 (15cm), it permits filmmakers to write with more flexibility and produce superficial degree of field with broader viewpoint. Shut-to-Zero Distortion Besides the super-vast-angle field of view, additionally, it delivers excellent picture quality with the very best distortion management within its class.

This close-to-zero distortion (Zero-D) design and style is quite beneficial when capturing structural, aerial and inside footages. Powerful and Specialist Cinema Homes Each one of our Laowa Lenses has a genuine Pelican circumstance for trouble-cost-free transporation.

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