Full-Frame DZOFILM Catta Zoom Cine Lens for Sony E mount cameras. Light-weight and compact, simple to carry to explore more opportunities on taking pictures. With improving cinematographers turning to total-body file format for a number of productions, Catta Focus seeks to meet existing market’s demands of obtaining high-quality graphics and fulfilling larger file format cameras, just like the latest Reddish V-raptor 8k. As DZOFILM’s third focus range, the Catta 35-80mm T/2.9, deal with most of the simple focal duration in diverse shooting jobs. The golden focal measures of 35-80mm make it possible for cinematographers to make cinematic graphics without having to sacrifice time in zoom lens exchanging.

Full-Frame DZOFILM Catta Zoom Cine Lens for Sony E Mount, 70-135mm T2.9

Lighter, More powerful, Stay Focused As lighting as it ever was, the 35mm-80mm T/2.9 weighs in at only 1.53kg. Are able to lessen the weight, we choose to use polycarbonate and glassfiber on this shell with strict threshold. Very easily transportable for changing field of perspective frequently. These movie theater zoom contact lenses would have been a wonderful option for Are living display, indie filmmaking, automobiles shooting, documentaries and gun snapping shots scenarios with accurate parfocal design.

DZOFILM Catta Zoom 35-80mm T2.9 Full-Frame Cine Lens for Sony E, White
DZOFILM Catta Zoom 35-80mm
T2.9 Full-Frame Cine Lens
DZOFILM Catta Zoom 70-135mm T2.9 FF Cine  for Sony E, White, circular Bokeh and Good Information With 16 cutting blades of diaphragm
DZOFILM Catta Zoom 70-135mm
T2.9 Full-Frame Cine Lens

In fact it is easily relevant with gimbal like Ronin s2 and Crane 3s and so on. when chance on rapidly moving scenarios. Circular Bokeh and Good Information With 16 cutting blades of diaphragm as well as an aperture array of T2.9-T22, Catta produces rounded and smooth bokeh with all-natural changeover of appearance. The extremely close up focus extended distance assists users to shoot clear specifics and qualities of the subject.

Authentic Color Reproduction Accepted the design philosophy of all natural, unique and real, Catta Focus contact lenses recreate real life on that tiny yet extensive sensor. To history the realistic moments and help you to shade mixing in submit-generation. Much better Inhaling Control Than Before Same as it ever was minimum breathing in DZOFILM cine camera lenses, this time around you will find a greater functionality in Catta. Hidden inhaling and exhaling during racking concentration. Focus down the experience, the edge of body always helps to keep exact same, producing viewers immerse in the plan profoundly.

Plug-in Filter Unlock the Secret of Mirage Loaded with 77mm easily removed front side filtration layout, Catta Zoom lenses will also be equipped with connect-in back filtration system, introducing amusement to capturing encounter, permitting users to improve rear ND/ UV/ Streak/ Mist filter readily.

Standard Technicians and Cosmetic Design The requirements and quality are completely dependent on the single standards of movie theater-quality lenses. The handbook concentration array of 270 Education , offers customers an easy running expertise. The mechanized and eye construction of these two camera lenses are the same, an ideal mixture of wide angle and telephoto with zero big difference for excellent articulation.

Authentic Color Reproduction, 35-80mm T2.9

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