Full-Frame DZOFILM Catta Ace Cine Lens, PL Mount. In reaction for the expanding interest in sizeable-formatting camcorders, the lens can protect Vista Eyesight (46.5mm) sensors. Actual Authentic Coloration Reproduction. Catta Focus contact lenses generate actual-world colors on a small but comprehensive sensor by embracing the look viewpoint of organic, original, and authentic. This lets you consider photos that happen to be as reasonable as you possibly can, and it makes color fixing your images much easier in publish-generation.

Full-Frame DZOFILM Catta Ace Cine Lens for PL Mount, parfocal optical

Additionally, Catta lenses assure to make stunning and natural skin color. Parfocal Design. With a parfocal optical style, the DZOFILM Catta Focus contact lenses characteristic decreased focus breathing. For that reason, unlike still photography lens, the focus stays frequent once the major span alterations, allowing for zoom racking without burning off focus. To put together a go, it is possible to zoom in with regards to you want and set a focus. The picture will continue to be sharp while you focus over to your desired framing. Geared Rings, T Halts. Every movie lens posseses an aperture array of T2.9 to T22.

DZOFILM Catta Ace Zoom 35-80mm T2.9 Full-Frame Cine Lens for PL EF, Black,  parfocal optical style
DZOFILM Catta Ace Zoom
35-80mm T2.9 Full-Frame Cine

DZOFILM uses a 16-blade aperture diaphragm for smooth and rounded bokeh. The minimal focus range is just about 2.5 feet, to get some very nice near-ups having an desirable blurry backdrop. With 270 degrees of travel, the designed concentrate diamond ring guarantees sleek and accurate focusing and zooming. Light in weight Create. DZOFILM Catta Focus lenses measure around 7 in . very long for that PL mount and around 7.4 ins lengthy for the EF position. The polycarbonate and cup fibers system from the lens maintains the extra weight down.

The 35-80mm model weighs 3.6 weight, leading them to be well suited for hand held, gimbal, or drone capturing because of their lightweight layout. Contrary to other Catta variations, these lenses have got a unique black accomplish instead of the standard white colored accomplish. Exchangeable Mount. PL and EF versions of your DZOFILM Catta Zoom lenses are now available. The quick-discharge camera lens install can be simply replaced with an E, RF, L, Z, or By attach alternatively.

An LPL-Attach Device Package can also be available for Vespid Excellent and Catta Ace lens. There is an 80mm entrance line size which you can use for incorporating ND, Ultra violet, or another filtration systems. Catta is a primate monkey by using a swift system, keeps fascination of atmosphere.

As well as the Catta lens is known as of the. Light-weight and compact, an easy task to carry to learn a lot more options on taking pictures. With increasing cinematographers turning to full-frame format for many different productions, Catta Focus aspires to meet recent market’s needs of obtaining high-quality graphics and fulfilling larger file format digital cameras, much like the most recent Reddish V-raptor 8k.As DZOFILM’s 3rd focus sequence, the Catta 35-80mm T/2.9, cover many of the standard central length in varied shooting jobs.

The glowing major measures of 35-80mm make it possible for cinematographers to make cinematic images without having to sacrifice time in camera lens swapping. Lighter, Much stronger, Remain Focused As gentle as ever, the 35mm-80mm T/2.9 is only 1.53kg. Find a way to lessen the bodyweight, we choose to use polycarbonate and glassfiber on this shell with rigid patience. Really easily transportable for shifting area of look at often.

These movie theater zoom camera lenses would be a wonderful selection for Reside display, indie filmmaking, cars taking pictures, documentaries and pistol capturing situations with precise parfocal style. Which is easily suitable with gimbal like Ronin s2 and Crane 3s etc. when picture on rapidly relocating moments. Rounded Bokeh and Okay Details With 16 cutting blades of diaphragm plus an aperture variety of T2.9-T22, Catta creates round and clean bokeh with normal transition of picture. The extremely close emphasis distance aids customers to take crystal clear particulars and features from the subject.

Genuine Color Reproduction Adopted the style viewpoint of natural, unique and true, Catta Focus lens multiply real life on that little yet extensive sensor. To record the realistic moments and help you to coloration combining in post-generation. Better Inhaling Control Than Ever Just like it at any time was minimum inhaling DZOFILM cine camera lenses, this time you will discover a much better performance in Catta. Unseen breathing during racking emphasis. Concentration along the trip, the advantage of body always maintains exact same, generating audience immerse within the plan profoundly.

Plug-in Filtration system-Uncover the trick of Mirage Full of 77mm detachable entrance filtration design, Catta Zoom contact lenses may also be designed with connect in back filtration, adding amusement to shooting encounter, letting consumers to improve back ND/ Ultra-violet/ Streak/ Mist filtration system readily. Common Aspects and Cosmetic Style The specifications and design are completely dependent on the unified specifications of cinema-level contact lenses. The manual concentrate array of 270 Level, offers users an easy functioning encounter. The technical and eye development of those two lens are the same, the perfect mixture of wide position and telephoto with zero big difference for ideal articulation.

DZOFILM Catta Ace Zoom 70-135mm T2.9 Full-Frame Cine Lens for PL and EF, Black, perfect mixture of wide position and telephoto with zero big difference for ideal articulation
DZOFILM Catta Ace Zoom
70-135mm T2.9 Full-Frame Cine

EF Canon, Cinema Zoom, Genuine Color, 70-135mm T2.9

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